Christian Sachs, Project Management Expert
Christian Sachs – Project Management Expert

It’s time to minimalize your project management!

I show business owners how to gain clarity and be successful by transforming their approach to managing and controlling projects.

  • Why do projects fail?
  • Why do projects take longer than expected, cost more than you ever thought they would?
  • Why it’s only when deadlines explode and cost you tons of money, that you become aware of the problems?

Is it because you are missing out on something? Do you need more data to see things earlier?

The normal approach to such kind of problems is indeed to create more data. But this approach is part of the problem, but not the solution. My experience shows, that creating more data will rather cover the problems and hide them in a fog of bullshit. Sorry for being so clear.

Let’s face it! 90% of the data project managers use to show project statuses is either fundamentally flawed, erroneous, based on false or incomplete assumptions, unintelligible and too complex to base decisions upon them. In short, completely useless.

With more than 25 years of experience I help my customers to identify the minimum needs of their projects and the data that can be provided in an easy and reliable way. We implement the right methods so that they can substantially reduce their project management effort and run a fail-safe project controlling. My clients use a tailored project management system and gain the clarity to make good decisions to keep the projects in their businesses on track.

Interested in setting up a project management that exactly fits your needs?

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I have a great tool for you: our SMART+ Goal Setting Guide.
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