For more than 20 years I have planned and achieved goals as a project manager for companies all over the world. I have studied the methods of the most successful companies and simplified them to make them usable for everyone.

I’ve been dealing with the topic of mindset for almost as long. With the question of why some people just fly to success while others work their ass off and achieve nothing, absolutely nothing. And with the question of how you can change your mindset so that you switch from the second to the first group.

My passion is entrepreneurship. Ines, my wife, and I have successfully founded several companies since 2008 to make a difference. Has it always worked? No, but it was always exciting. So when people want to go out and achieve something, whether it’s a great product, a service that doesn’t exist yet, something that makes the world a better place, then I’m all ears.

So in 2021 I decided to make the 3 things that fascinate me my mission. Combining transformative psychology with the methods of the world’s most successful companies to help people who create something on their own, whether as a lone wolf or as part of a startup, find the success they deserve.


I coach active and future entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups, managing directors, the self-employed and freelancers so that they have the success they deserve. And not just once, but planned and repeatable!
I learn new and inspiring things every day, and I pass that on to you. Be it on my blog, in my podcast, on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

All my coaching programs are only available online.

I also give lectures online but also live.


My coaching combines transformative psychology with the methods of the best companies worldwide. One is finding the habits and mindsets you can develop to become the person who will automatically become successful. The second is the planning, execution, and adjustment methods you need to get from where you are to your vision. My methods are radically simple, effective and feasible for everyone. According to my principles #DoLessBetter, #keepitsimple and #Effectiveness.


My typical customer is an entrepreneur, business owner, start-up, managing director, self-employed or freelancer and wants to make a difference, has a goal that he/she wants to achieve. I can’t do anything with people who are comfortable in their business and don’t want to change anything.

My coaching is available in German, English and French. The product or service you offer doesn’t matter as long as it’s legal. Since I’ve worked and lived in many countries around the world, I don’t care where you’re from as long as we speak a common language. 😉


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(For the time being, this program is only available in German)


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Christian Sachs - Der führende Experte in transformativer Erfolgsplanung!


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Here’s what Christian Sachs says about himself:

I’ve always been a lazy guy, always looking for simplicity and efficiency. Unnecessary complexity drives me crazy. After all, it’s much more fun to work in and on a project when you know exactly what you’re doing and know that nothing you do is for free. Yes, the dream of a perfect world, I know… In the last 10 years I’ve worked a lot on myself, developed my skills, and finally realized that for real change you have to change inside first. It all started with Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program. Since then I have had many other teachers who have inspired me and brought me further (e.g. Srikuma Rao, Marisa Peers, etc.).

But who is that Chris Sachs, and how did I become who I am now?

1967 – 1992: Thank you Mr. Teacher

Christian as Student
Chris as student

We are moving, constantly. Karlsruhe, Böblingen, Munich, Stuttgart and Paris are the stops, some repeatedly. So, I learn to adjust to ever-changing conditions and to cut out dead wood. Furthermore, I understand that I can learn everything I want, even when the teachers say I never would. For example, the French language (thank you for that Mr. Wenzel, it’s been a long time and you are forgiven).

Despite this constant moving, I manage to pass my high school diploma within the stipulated time and to finish my mechanical engineering studies with reasonable marks within 9 semesters in the fastest 1%. So already back then, I was all about efficiency.

1992 – 1999: Variety and consistency
Christian at Sachs Industries
at Sachs Industries in Chépy

The first working years and even more moving. The names of the places are getting more illustrious. Eu in France (is THE town with 2 characters in French crosswords), Gochsheim and Aschaffenburg in Germany, Colmar back in France and Leonberg in Germany again.

I’m gaining experience in the cycle, mechanical engineering and automotive industry.

I’m realizing that I need variety in the job as well and move on as soon as I start feeling bored.

1995, I get married. And I still am!

For the first time, I start my own business and go bust as fast as I decided to take the plunge. To mentally and financially recover from that „bloody nose“ took me no more than 14 years.

At least, the marriage with my wife and today’s business partner Ines is still holding on. Seams that I need one constant in life after all.

1999 – 2004: Valeo shapes
Christian at the office
at the office

The longest time with one employer, but 5 jobs within 5 years.

The automotive supplier Valeo shapes me in professional regards. I get to know all project functions, I assume my first project leads. Moreover, I learn to manage teams, to delegate and how to kick off quickly and deliver good results with a minimum training period. I have a nice time and Valeo entirely fulfills my desire for new tasks and challenges.

Yet I realize that a certain work life balance is important to me and that this kind of permanent standby duty is a real pain in my neck. Continually on a plane to fly from A to B, from C to D, waking up in a hotel bed not recalling where I was, is not for me. After 5 years I have enough and change – this time not only – the job but the employer too.

2004 – 2009: Promotion and re-start
Christian at the API-Forum
at the API-Forum

I’m becoming more and more a kind of generalist. I’m gaining experience outside Europe. China, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, an exciting time.

But again, I’m more far away than at home what wasn’t initially planned but just so happened.

Therefore and because I’m offered a position as director in Stuttgart, after 2 years I change over to the software industry.

I’m bringing in new ideas, the company is growing and getting more professional. The customers are enthused about the improved service. But I’m facing hurdles, the parent company CEO thwarts me. He doesn’t want to implement my suggestions, customer demands or not. Finally come the crisis, the definitive break and …

A new plunge into independence.

2009 – … Cactus Competence

Ines and I decide to set up our own company again. We found cactus-competence.com and Ines takes over the marketing and website programming (still coded in HTML at the time), alongside her work as a trainer.

I am concentrating fully on project management and will become an interim manager. This allows me to be an entrepreneur and a project manager at the same time, which basically means being an entrepreneur for the time of a project.

I’m managing projects in the automotive industry, the service sector and the Internet sector.

Project Management Professional

At the same time, I’m delving into psychology and starting my search for an answer to the question of how people who achieve more with less effort think and act differently than those who need twice the time for the same result (I’ve always wondered why my colleagues spend so much time in the office). I am getting certified as a Psychological Counselor. Ines and I are also starting other companies, including a newsletter platform and an investment company.

I get my Project Manager (PMP®) certification, but I also see how you can make something as simple as project management so complicated that it becomes unusable. I’m beginning to understand that if the methods were simplified, they could also benefit small firms and entrepreneurs. I deal intensively with minimalism and apply it to all my methods. My #DoLessBetter approach is born.

2018/19 – … Real Transformation

We are realising our dream of living in the sunny south of France, buy a small apartment and renovate it nearly completely on our own. Huge project!

In 2018, I participate in Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur Summit in London. In 2019, I get my re-certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP®). And by the end of 2019, together we complete the Transformational Coaching Program with Jim Fortin.

In 2020 I will complete the training and receive the ScrumMaster® (CSM) certification. This gives me a deeper insight into how to achieve your goals when the way to get there and the details of the goal are still in the dark. Further modules in my toolbox are created.

The „Corona years“ 2020 and 2021 are also the economically most successful years for Cactus Competence. But Ines and I are also very much „externally controlled“ on the road, because interim management still takes place on site at the customer’s.

So the decision is made to finally put the idea that was born in 2018 into practice in 2022. We start various coaching programs to help people who want to stand on their own two feet and make a difference to turn their visions into reality.

And the journey goes on…

Is this your first time here? Then, start with…

Reading my blog!