„Hotair Ltd“- Our virtual company

We have been looking for a way to introduce a little bit of humour into the seriousness of the project management world. So, we have decided to launch a small virtual startup with virtual employees: The “Hotair Ltd”



The “Hotair Ltd”


The staff members go about their daily business, have coffee together, fight and make up with each other and have their trouble with the project work. All employees as well as the company are pure fiction. Similarities with existing personalities or even with you would be purely accidental and not intentional. It goes without saying that the characters are larger-than-life. You would never meet such people in real life, wouldn’t you?

We proudly present: The “Hotair Ltd”

We write the year 2018 AC. All businesses in Europe have been invaded by an army of highly paid consultants promoting super complicated top-notch project management methods. All companies? No! A small innovative start-up led by a bunch of unrelenting people is focused on getting things done and does not stop to fight the flood of project administration and processes. And life is not easy for Projectix, Projectina, all their colleagues with their small and not so small endearing flaws…

The who is who of the “Hotair Ltd”:


Find out who is working for the “Hotair Ltd” by clicking on each picture.

You will find these names on a regular basis in our articles. This overview will allow you to understand whom we are talking of.

Have fun!