“A business has no memory” and “A company is no democracy” these are some of the sappy slogans of our all-mighty Bigboss. His rage attacks are famous and make everybody tremble. Even more than his temper Projectix and Projectina are concerned about how to keep him away from their customers. By applying his polished diplomatic skills, he converts existing customers to ex-customers with ease.

His strength is a feel for future trends and that he gives a sh*t on what others think about him (with exception of his father, the founder of the company). He is a man of action and hates all kind of administration which he considers a huge waste of time and money.

He has taken over “Hotair” from his father. All employees still romanticise about this old gentleman. So Bigboss steps into big shoes, a fact that makes him shiver from time to time and is perhaps the reason why he plays the tough guy.

But his company is dear to his heart and he is fighting like a lion to keep it afloat. When “Hotair” was struggling some years ago he put all his money into the company to save it. His employees appreciate him for this gesture.