Logina is the person you would want to keep clear off, if only you could.

Logina rules her department with an iron fist. When you come to see her with a question and do not know exactly what you want from her she will leave you stranded and treat you with the greatest disrespect.

That’s why her colleagues tend to think at least twice whether they really need to go and see her or whether they cannot solve the problem by their own means. Probably that is exactly what Logina wants, as she hates any waste of time.

When a colleague decides to approach her with an important topic, he is well advised to be very clear about what he wants, how he sees the solution and to formulate succinct and precisely. If not, she is just waiting for the occasion to send him away telling him one of her dearest quotes: “It’s not for punishment it’s just for exercise purpose.”.

The good thing in it: her colleagues practise, without realising it, how to reason logically, how to set themselves up for success and how to find a solution when there seemingly is none.

And when someone comes along who knows what he is doing, like our Projectix, Logina then can transform herself in a knowledgeable counsellor who let you – within a tight timeframe for sure – profit from her immense know-how. In these rare 5 Minute talks, her interlocutor will receive more information and decisions than from any other colleague in a whole week.