Young, dynamic and handsome Projectix wants one thing over all and that is to have fun. That is especially true for project management. “Life is too short for a boring job” is his slogan.

He is gifted with a brilliant mind and inexhaustible energy. Qualities that his project team members sometimes dislike when they are completely exhausted, as much as they admire him when he still can switch gears at the end of a long working day.

Projectix just bought a car he cannot afford and a beautiful apartment he cannot afford either. So, what he really cannot afford now is losing his job.

The latter puts Bigboss in the position to spoil his party, to the huge dismay of Projectix. But he is not the only fun killer. His direct boss Irresolutus bugs him constantly. And what he dislikes the most are administrative tasks that are complicated, longsome and from his point of view completely useless.

But at the end he will still keep his tail up, constantly looking for possibilities to make his work easier and more efficient.