Dontsellus has started his career in the logistics department of “Hotair Ltd” and has later evolved into sales because key account manager sounds so much better and one earns so much more.

Sadly enough, he doesn’t know a thing about sales, but that doesn’t bug him at all. As nobody told him beforehand that the sales representative should spend more time at the customer then in his own office he is convinced that this rule does not apply to him.

That is the reason why Projectina and Projectix have a hard time working with him. “I will not bother the customer with this topic” is one of his dearest slogans when it comes to explaining a raise in price to the customer.

That drives our project managers crazy. At the end of the day it’s them who will have to negotiate the topic with the customer.

Irresolutus is a big fan of Dontsellus because he will send him unfailingly his elaborate Excel spreadsheets and like magic he will always find the correct results in the management ratios.

Therefore, Projectina and Projectix cannot count on Irresolutus’ support when complaining about Dontsellus.