Christian Sachs - Passionate Project Management ExpertReaching your project goals with optimum effort, less stress and more fun. This is possible!


Are you ready to give your project the extra boost to reach your objectives? I think that’s why you’re here! Your project is in the starting blocks but you don’t know where to begin or how you can take it to a successful conclusion in the most simple, efficient and cost-effective way? You have more questions than answers and are wondering how to start?

We can change this together!

What‘s next?

First, we will get to know each other and determine how I can help you best.

Yes I want the free initial consultation!


Depending on your needs, you now book one of the following coaching packages:

Coaching Package
Coaching Package PLUS Coaching Package MASTER
plus VAT
plus VAT
plus VAT
3 x 60 min. consulting via Skype or Google-Hangouts 3 x 60 min. consulting via Skype or Google-Hangouts 6 x 60 min. individual coaching via Skype or Google-Hangouts
All-You-Can-Ask All-You-Can-Ask 6 months full e-mail support
No e-mail support 6 hours project management training
10 hours project management training


You may also book this coaching for the benefit of your team members.



First, we will get to know each other and define together who will be managing your project (you yourself or a person of your choice). I will ask you a few questions to identify which skills you already have, what is the state of your project is and how I can help you best.
At the beginning of the individual coaching, we will have a look at your project plan or we will create one in case you don’t have one yet. Together, we will identify the next tasks and I will regularly discuss with you the progress of your project and answer all of your questions.
You can ask all kind of questions relating to project management. There are no restrictions.
All above mentioned prices are net prices plus 20% VAT. You may book with one click and pay directly with your credit card or per Paypal, or you send me an email to and I send you an invoice. If you have a company, the European Reverse Charge Procedure is possible.
Sure. Send me an email to info@cactus-competence with your instalment wishes and I will check whether this is feasible. Please keep in mind that each booked coaching session must be paid in advance and your payment must be in our accounts the day prior to the agreed appointment.
As it’s a question of individual coaching, I’m ready to be as flexible as possible and to fit in with your schedule. I recommend to plan one session biweekly so that we can do a continuous follow up of your project. The intervals can be more distant and go up to a maximum of 12 months.
You may book me to speak. For more important projects, you may hire me as on-site consultant or as interim project manager for direct implementation. If you are interested, please send me your request to