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Ines Sachs

You can hire me!

I speak English, French and German.

I developed the website and do all marketing, communications and events for CACTUS COMPETENCE.

Cactus Competence Ines Sachs

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This is what you’ll get:

I’m a multi-talent. Sorry for saying this but you can’t pigeon-hole me. From graphics, over website creation, to event marketing and project management. I even do paintings!

  • I speak your language
    I live in south France and you can’t live in France without speaking the language. I speak English too. German, French and English are the most common languages of Europe. So, there must be a way for us to understand each other. Ok, Spanish is not on the list. I’m working on it.
  • I’m very creative
    Not hard to guess that one. Did you see the blog post graphics on our Cactus Competence Website? If this is not enough to convince you, well, you’ll need to come to my home and see my paintings.
  • I’m well organized
    Well, I’m German. And you’ll get a German. There is nothing more to be said.
  • I’m fast
    That one wasn’t always a good thing. My ex-boss used to give me more and more and more tasks and I always managed to do them on time. Well, one thing I learned is to say “Stop” on time.
  • I’m straightforward
    Yes, some like it, others don’t. You better know it immediately so that you can go and find someone else in case you are one of the later.

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Among other things, I can do this for you:

  • Create a website from the scratch, including
    • Book a domain name (
    • Find a well priced hosting provider (this is that thing where all data of your website will be stocked)
    • Develop the website using WordPress (I only work with WordPress. If you want something else you’ll need to find somebody else.)
    • Design your website and insert your texts
    • Install so-called plug-ins for all features needed (like photo show, Facebook integration, newsletter subscription, multilingualism etc.)
  • Create graphics, if it is for your website or for other things
  • Create your personal branding or the branding of your business, including
    • Find your target group and find where we can find it
    • Develop your social media marketing strategy
    • Create your profiles and pages on the social media platforms needed
  • Project management for your events, including
    • Organizing of all event modules (book restaurants, coaches, locations, artists etc.)
    • Subscriber management
    • Management on the ground (the days of the event)

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