It’s time to minimalize your project management with Christian Sachs.

Christian Sachs - Passionate Project Management Expert

Great. I’m glad you’re here. My name is Christian. My mission at Cactus Competence is to help you to reduce the effort dedicated to project management and controlling in your company and at the same time gain clarity and increase the chances of success.

How do I do this?

I will analyse together with you the requirements for projects in your company, the existing foundations, culture, know-how and preferences of you and your teams. Based on this analysis, we will define which method to use (waterfall, agile or a mix of both) and which data is really required to control your projects.

In general, you’ll find that the effort to manage projects can be reduced by at least 50% and at the same time there will be a positive impact on the project performance.

Here is how we can work together!

You can work with me!

  • You can book one of our consulting packages. These packages come with a ton of resources, checklists, tutorials and online and on-site support showing you the exact steps how to analyse your existing project management and how to set up a minimalist project management which exactly suits your needs.
  • If you need help with a concrete project for some hours or days per week and would like to profit from my know-how, then the virtual project manager offer is right for you.
  • For more important projects, you may hire me as interim project manager for direct implementation. Request my CV and project list!
  • You are looking for a lecturer in English, German or French? You may book me to speak.

I work with local, as well as international customers in English, French and German.

If this is your first time here, please start here!