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Need immediate help with your most burning issues?

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Transforming it will get you better results with less effort!

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Everything in a business is a project, so if you don’t manage your projects well, sooner or later you will no longer have a business.
– Michael Port –

When You Need To Work With Me!

You have a lot of projects in your company, but many of them never get finished and don’t generate any positive impact.

You and your team are hustling day in day out and still your customers complain because you don’t deliver on your promises and are always late.

You are stressed out because you don’t have any overview over time and budget.

You collect tons of data and are … rather administrating (instead of managing) your projects but don’t seem to have any control any ways.

You have the impression that each project manager has his system or approach on his own and the left hand is not aware of what the right hand is doing.

You have lost clarity and control over your project’s real status and there is no way to make reasonable decisions. You’re stuck.

You have one of these burning issues with your project and you need support fast?

Using my unique #DoLessBetter method coupled with transformational psychology
I help you by consulting and coaching you to create and install a project management system
that exactly fits your needs, always focusing on impact and efficiency.

After Working With Me, You Will Have:

over your project’s real status to make better decisions at the right time for the success of your projects.

to choose the right projects for the best of your business,
and to choose the right methods and tools to use to manage your projects.

for your project management and controlling that exactly fits your needs.
I will help you identify the minimum needs of your projects. What kind of data and control is really required and what kind of data can be provided in an easy and reliable way.

Learn from my 25 years experience how to reduce the effort for your project management and increase your success at the same time.

from the stress that was your daily companion but is no longer part of your work as from now on you will #DoLessBetter and by doing less but better gain the time for the persons or things that really matter to you.



Optimise your project management approach to be more efficient and
gain clarity and control over your projects NOW!

Why You Want To Work With Me:

Certified PMP® Project Management Professional
Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

More than two decades of experience in international project management

Working experience in 15 European countries plus UAE, China and South and Central America

🇩🇪 German (native)
🇫🇷 French (bilingual proficiency)
🇬🇧 English (full professional proficiency)
🇪🇸 Spanish (elementary proficiency)

🏭 Automotive
🏭 Defence
🏭 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
🏭 Internet
🏭 Mass Production
🏭 Software

My unique #DoLessBetter project management method is aimed to provide exactly and only the system you need to manage and control your projects.

Chris Sachs - Founder of CACTUS COMPETENCE and project management expert

Don’t wait any longer and book your Project Management Expert…

… to (re)gain clarity and control over your projects NOW!

What‘s next?

After reception of your request, I will send you a questionnaire where I will ask questions to better understand YOU, your company, your business and what you are all about.
In order to clarify open questions prior to the coaching/consulting I may send you an email and ask you for more clarification.
We will then schedule a first call to discuss the further proceeding.

After this first call, we will send you a customised offer.
The sooner you accept this offer the sooner we can start working on the transformation of your project management.

My typical client has international projects, is ready to think outside the box and wants to #DoLessBetter. He needs immediate support and is therefore ready to make fast decisions.

Call me if you’re ready to decide and experience the Transformation of your Project Management!

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Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently…

All coaching call sessions as well as any on-site consulting will be held in the language of your choice (English, German or French). All our non-customised tools and all general communication will be in English.
Project management is needed in all industries or branches of trade. The problems we encounter in project management are quite the same independent from the goods you produce or service you provide and the size of your company.

I have worked with small, medium sized international companies as well as large-scale enterprises.

I can quickly adapt to all situations a find the best approach for your company.
First, you and I will get to know each other. The objective is to find out together if and how working together makes sense and will help YOU, your project and your company. And for sure, you can ask any question that comes to your mind.
While we obviously can’t ‘guarantee’ results, our clients tell us that when they take action, they see a DIRECT effect on their approach to project management.

We PROMISE to provide you with absolutely everything you need — the best expert know-how, support, encouragement and accountability and a roadmap that will allow you to transform your project management and to shape it exactly to your needs.
You’ll get out of this exactly what you put into it!

Transformation is not done within one hour of coaching. You want to add at least 10 hours per coaching session to apply into your business what we will have discussed during the coaching calls. Even if you book me to consult you on-site and to train your team, you must free your agenda for me to get the results and the transformation of your project management on the long run.

The fact is, it's different for everyone. And it depends very much on where you are in your project management and which issues you have. However, with that being said we recommend for the coaching to go at least through 10 coaching sessions (at least 2 per month) so that we can cover all aspects of your current situation and set up a project management system that exactly fits your needs.
Yes! Absolutely.

This is what you paid for. He is the central player in everything that happens within your coaching or consulting. If ever - and such things can happen - he could not attend a call for whatever reason, we will schedule a new one with you. In case the internet goes down during your call, he will immediately connect again. If this should fail, here too we will schedule a new call with you.

However, Christian has a team to support him. So you might get in touch with one of them for the preparation of the coaching/consulting and the administration around it.
Yes you can.

Please send us a request and describe where you are at the moment with your project management. We will then get in touch and do a short video conference to find out how we can help you best.

In case you want to book a coaching, during the first coaching sessions we will analyse your current situation in depth. So, you might need more coaching call sessions than somebody who already has a project management system in place.
We use ZOOM for all our video calls.

Once we have scheduled a call, we will send you a link to the ZOOM meeting room.

If this is your first time joining a ZOOM meeting, you may be asked to open ZOOM client or the ZOOM installer package to join the meeting.
In case you should be prevented for any reason, we have a very fair Rescheduling Policy.

You may reschedule a call up to 48 hours prior to the call otherwise the hour will be billed. The same thing applies to us. If we cannot attend a scheduled call and do not reschedule it at least 48 hours prior, you will get an additional call of one hour for free!
Once your coaching package is paid, we will proceed on sending you a questionnaire, schedule a 30 minutes preparation call, go through your questionnaire to get prepared with the situation you're in. All this takes time. Because of this we operate on a no-refund policy.
You can pay per bank transfer.

If you are a business located in Europe, the European Reverse Charge Procedure is possible. If you want to take advantage of it let us know in your request. Please consider that your coaching call will only be scheduled once we received your payment.
Is there still a question we didn't answer yet? Please send us an email to info@cactus-competence.