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Why do so many companies struggle with project management? Why project management is often seen as being a lot of work? Why is it that such a huge number of projects fail, and nobody did see it when it was time to react?

It’s because too much effort is put into making work project management methods and tools too complex. It’s because relevant information is hidden in a heap of data very few people understand and even fewer people can make head of.

The default solution is to add more data, to control the project manager and his team extensively in a desperate hope to finally see clearly. This doesn’t work!

Project management and controlling are deemed to make you reach your goals in your business. They are a tool and not an aim of their own right. And as such they must be as minimalistic as possible to provide clarity, allow you a view into the future and help you to make good decisions.

The cherry on the cake is that minimalistic project management is much more fun and will be more motivating for your teams. Why? Because everything serves a purpose, no effort is wasted, and the project manager and the team feel the amount of control they have over the success of the project. Only when project management helps you to move the needle, is fun and not cumbersome you will actually use the tools and reap the benefits. And that’s what counts.

Christian Sachs loves speaking about how minimalizing project management and controlling can change your world, make you gain clarity and ease of decision, help you reach your goals and keeps your team motivated.

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Christian’s focus is on ‘minimalizing project management to gain clarity and succeed‘. You can read, hear and watch his approach to this topic in his articles, podcasts and videos.

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