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Enthusiastic Speech or Inspiring Training Needed?

Chris Sachs - Founder of CACTUS COMPETENCE and expert in minimalist project management

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  • You have read this blog or watched one of his videos and you liked it so much that you would like Christian to present these ideas to a larger group?
  • You need a speaker having hands-on experience in project management to give a lecture for example as part of a larger conference?
  • You need a training session for your management or your teams on his unique #DoLessBetter method on project management?


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🎤 #DoLessBetter in managing your projects

A huge motivation! Why? Because doing less but better will help you free the time and energy to take care of the people or things that really matter to you. Because if doing less but better, the project manager and the project team will be able to concentrate on those tasks that actually bring the project to its success.

🎤 Focus on impact and efficiency

Project management and controlling are tools and not an aim of their own right. And as such they must be as efficient as possible to provide clarity, allow you a view into the future and help you to make good decisions. Only when project management helps you to move the needle and is not cumbersome you will actually use its tools and reap the benefits. And that’s what counts.

🎤 Empty the bin!

“It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Terre des Hommes (1939)
Reduce the effort and the data you’re collecting for your project management until everything you do serves a purpose and no effort is wasted. The project manager and the team will love the feeling of flow, ease and control leading a successful project.

Christian Sachs is a certified PMP® Project Management Professional with more than two decades of experience in international project management and working experience in 15 European countries plus UAE, China and South and Central America. Using his unique #DoLessBetter approach coupled with transformational psychology Christian helps his clients not only by jumping in to safe their vital projects but also by consulting them to create and install a project management system that exactly fits their needs, always focusing on impact and efficiency.

You like his style? You are looking for a lecturer in English, German or French? Then let’s talk.

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