Do you want to define, shape, realise and enjoy success in your life, your business or your career according to your own rules?

You’ve tried a lot, watched endless videos, followed success coaches of all kinds… But it hasn’t worked?
Does your life still feel like you’re a puppet in your own film in which you’re supposed to be playing the lead role?
You wonder if there’s something wrong with you.
And you’ve had enough of chakka and hurrah?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I combine transformative psychology
with simple and efficient project planning to help you
plan and design all areas of your life
according to your own standards, rules and values
to make it your personal masterpiece.

Take advantage from my


Unser VIP-Coaching richtet sich an alle, die Erfolg in ihrem Leben und Business oder Karriere selbst nach ihren eigenen Regeln definieren, gestalten, umsetzen und genießen wollen.

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„If you want to achieve a goal, you must first become the person who achieves those goals, then make a plan, use the appropriate tools, and implement your plan. Otherwise, you better plan your failure already.“
– Christian Sachs –

When you just have to work with me!

if you are not satisfied with your life or your business as it is and are ready to change something.

if you are facing a change and want to make the right decisions to lead a balanced and happy life.

if a stroke of fate or a major change has thrown you off course and you want to reorganise your life.

if you find your life or business too complicated and are looking for more simplicity and direction.

if you feel that you are being controlled by others and are ready to take your life into your own hands and organise it according to your own values and rules.

If you are ready to plan and design your life or business according to your own rules and turn it into your personal masterpiece, and are looking for a partner who can help you with their experience and knowledge, then make an appointment today for a free preliminary consultation with me.

I combine transformational psychology
with simple and efficient project planning
to help you plan and design all areas of your life
according to your own standards, rules and values
and to have the success and life you want.

After working with me:

you will have your own personal definition of success. You know which areas of life and business are important to you, what you specifically want to achieve in each area and how it all comes together to create your personal masterpiece.

you will know your values and have defined your own rules for organising your life, which will help you to make good decisions at all times.

you have become the person who achieves what you set out to do in every area of your life.

you will have a full toolbox to plan and implement your success and easily overcome the difficulties that will arise on the road to success.

your life and your business will be simple, balanced and stable. Blows of fate no longer throw you off track, but are just small potholes on the road of life.

you determine your own life. You will no longer be influenced and pushed around by others, but will go your own way unswervingly.

Nachdem du mit mir gearbeitet hast, hast du die ERFOLGSPERSÖNLICHKEIT, eine VISION, einen KONKRETEN PLAN, die PASSENDEN WERKZEUGE und DEINEN ERFOLG.


There’s no better time
than right NOW,
to finally achieve the success
you deserve!

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1 hour VIP-Coaching

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I’m already 70, so surely there’s no point in coaching any more, is there?

Coaching also makes sense at 70 if you want to give your life a new direction. Today, many people live to be 90 and older, so you still have plenty of time to shape your life and turn it into your masterpiece. Or to put it another way, the first 70 pages of your life may be written, but you can write the last 20 or 30 pages that will make you the hero or heroine of your life.

I’m only 25 and don’t even know where I want to go yet, so does coaching make any sense at all?

Yes, it does. When you’re just starting out, you’ll undoubtedly make a lot of mistakes and try things that don’t work. That’s completely normal and was no different for me. I was already over 40 when I finally found my direction, and even when I was over 50 I changed direction again. With coaching and by defining playing fields and specific goals, you can find out much more quickly what is really important to YOU and where your talents and sweet spots lie. I have capitalised YOU because we will need time to recognise the programming that we receive from our parents, teachers and other influencers and misinterpret as our own truth. The playing fields and focussing on your own rules, values and goals will allow you to reach your goal much faster.

I have a family and children, so I can’t just decide on a new direction for myself.

You could. But it makes much more sense if you all do the coaching together. Each of you will define the areas of your life that are important to you and what you want to achieve in each area. And by talking about your life plans together, you have a great opportunity to harmonise them. Not only can you help each other to achieve them, but you can also recognise and resolve conflicts in advance, making your family life a great experience for everyone.

Aren’t planning in life and planning in business completely different things?

The context may be different, but the methods and the goal are the same.
In business as in private life, we cannot expect to organise anything according to our personal wishes if we do not make a plan.
In both areas, planning is not the goal, but a tool that allows you to achieve your goal faster, easier and with less effort.
Good planning is simple and requires little effort. It is flexible, but also provides guidance. It simplifies your business and your life. It removes complexity, it motivates and it provides security, because you already know what comes next and what the end result will be. And it protects you from making decisions on a whim that you later regret. You can also look at it this way, if top companies swear by planning because it helps them reach their goal faster and easier, then it makes sense for your life to reach your goal faster and easier, doesn’t it?

Why do we need several areas of life at all?

I see 2 approaches to life planning, and both don’t work and cause massive stress. The first is to plan your life as a whole without dividing it up. This is incredibly complicated and very confusing. It’s a bit like trying to manage a company as a whole without differentiating between areas such as accounting, production, purchasing, etc. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.
The second method is to focus on just one area. For example, your career. If something happens there, or a catastrophe occurs in another area because you ignored it, this can lead to major life crises. That doesn’t have to be the case.
If you realise from the outset that there are several areas of your life and that you actively plan and shape each area, you will find that your life is far less complicated and that problems in one area won’t throw you off track.

What does project planning have to do with life? Doesn’t spontaneity get lost?

If you want to turn your life into your own personal masterpiece, you need a plan. And that’s where project planning comes in. It’s like going on a hike. If you want to get to that great viewpoint, then you’d better follow the map and the path you’ve planned. Otherwise you’ll just end up somewhere, but you won’t get a great view that way.

Many people are guided by what they believe to be their emotions and react spontaneously to them. This is called spontaneity.
Unfortunately, there are whole armies of marketing professionals working on how to awaken the emotions in you that make you spontaneously do exactly what THEY want.
Be it booking a trip, spending hours on Facebook or Instagram, buying a big car, a new bike, chasing the latest fashion trend, drinking this and eating that.
But all of this distracts you from what you really want, what really makes you happy. And that’s exactly what my coaching is all about: living the life that makes you truly happy.

My system is designed in such a way that it doesn’t restrict you, but leaves you room for spontaneity. But it is a spontaneity that suits your goals.
Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have planned to take a fitness and health course that challenges your whole body and is fun. If you see an advert from a fitness studio for a Zumba class at half price, then you can spontaneously go for it with a clear conscience because it fits in with your goals.


There’s no better time
than right NOW,
to finally achieve the success
you deserve!

Start now!

1 hour VIP-Coaching

300 €

when booking
10 hours VIP Coaching Package
20% discount

Some facts about me, your trainer and coach:

Christian Sachs - führender Experte in transformativer Erfolgsplanung
I offer my coaching in the following languages:
🇩🇪 German
🇫🇷 French
🇬🇧 English

For more than 25 years I have been helping people and companies as a consultant, coach, trainer, and project manager to pour their goals into plans and to implement them.
I test my methods on myself and constantly optimise them.

Training as a psychological counsellor,
hundreds of training hours with the best trainers and psychologists (including Marisa Peer (RTT®), Dr. Srikuma Rao, Jim Fortin, Vishen Lakhiani),
Certifications as project manager and ScrumMaster

I acquired my knowledge and the toolbox that I put at your disposal not only in Germany, but also in a wide variety of countries and cultures in Europe, Asia and America. These cultural influences can also be found in my coaching.
I also use my language skills to study exclusively in the original language. So I can provide you with this knowledge without translation errors 1 to 1.

#DoLessBetter – I optimize with the aim of doing less but doing those things smarter.
#Keepitsimple – What use is the best method if it is too complicated or time-consuming to use? So my methods are so simple that you can actually use them.
#Effectiveness – What is the use of using a tool with which you do not achieve any effect. Exactly! Nothing at all. That’s why you only get tips, tricks and tools from me that achieve exactly the effect you expect.

Don’t wait any longer and book your VIP Coacing with me NOW…

… then you can start tomorrow,
turning your life or your business into your personal masterpiece!

My coaching programme is aimed at anyone who wants to start defining and shaping their life according to their own rules.

Make an appointment today for a free initial consultation!

What’s next?

As soon as I have received your request, I will send you a questionnaire.
Please fill this out completely so that I can better understand you, your goals and what is important to you.

You will then receive a link to my calendar and choose an appointment for the free 45-minute initial consultation.
At this appointment we will get to know each other and you can ask me any questions that come to mind.
If we both have the feeling that coaching with me is suitable for you, then we will agree on a coaching package,
I will send you a booking link and off you go.

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Here are some answers to the questions we get asked most frequently…

In what language can I communicate with you?

My team and I speak German, English and French.

I’m not an entrepreneur, can I still get coaching?

Of course. My planning methods are so simple and efficient that you can plan your life as successfully as a business, even though the topics might be a little different. 😉

What will we talk about in the first phone call or video conference?

First of all we will both get to know each other. The aim of this conversation is to find out whether we fit together and how a cooperation can look like and help you. And of course, you can ask me any questions you can think of.

What kind of results can I expect to get from your coaching?

Of course, we cannot „guarantee“ any results, as ultimately it depends on your willingness to implement what we discuss. But like our previous customers, you will find that when you implement the actions discussed, you will immediately see positive effects.

We promise to provide you with everything you need – the best expert know-how, support, cheering and progress review. And a roadmap that allows you to go through all the steps you need from personality development, vision/goal, plan to implementation and success as quickly as possible.

The success will depend crucially on whether you tackle things.

How much time will I need to invest myself?

Transformation doesn’t happen in a 60-minute coaching session. Add at least 10 hours per coaching session to plan, design, and implement what we discussed in the coaching in your life.
Irrespective of this, we recommend that you plan at least 10 coaching sessions (2 per month) for coaching so that we can cover all aspects and also support you in the implementation phase with coaching and the appropriate tools

Will I get direct access to Christian?

Yes, because he is the central figure in everything that happens around your coaching. If he is ever unable to keep an appointment for any reason, we will arrange a new one. If the Internet is interrupted during a call, he will immediately dial back in again. If this is not successful, we will arrange a new appointment with you.

Irrespective of this, Christian naturally has a team that supports him. You will be in contact with his team for the preparation or follow-up of the coaching, or for administrative matters.

Will I need to install a software for the video calls?

We use Google Meet or WhatsApp for our calls.

Shortly before our conversation, we will send you a link to a meeting room. All you have to do is click on this link and the meeting room will open in your default browser. Please join the meeting at least 5 minutes before the agreed time so that we can get started on time.

You will need a stable internet connection and a laptop/computer with a camera and microphone or your mobile phone.

What if I am prevented from attending the call or if I am late?

We have a very fair rebooking policy.

You can rebook an appointment up to 48 hours before the appointment, otherwise the coaching is considered to have been carried out. The same applies to us. If we are unable to keep an appointment and do not inform you at least 48 hours in advance, you will not only get a new appointment for this coaching lesson, but also another appointment free of charge.

A lesson starts and ends exactly at the scheduled time, whether you are 10 minutes late or not. My calendar is quite full, and therefore I can’t add time at the end. If an appointment is interrupted because, for example, the internet connection breaks down, and we cannot dial back in immediately, the missing minutes are added to the next appointment, or we make a completely new appointment.

Please join the meeting at least 5 minutes before the agreed time so that we can get started on time.

Can I cancel my coaching package and get a refund?

If, after the first paid coaching session, you have the feeling that this is not the right thing for you, you can cancel by email and you will be reimbursed for the entire package minus any transfer costs (e.g. PayPal). After that, you can cancel any coaching sessions that have not yet been booked and we will refund them. However, free additional lessons that you get if you book a larger package or if we have missed an appointment with you will not be reimbursed.

How many hours of coaching will I need?

Of course, this depends very much on your personal situation and how many questions arise in your case and how quickly you implement things. In many cases, 10 hours is enough to learn the system. You won’t need me for the implementation and customisation, you can do that yourself.

When you book a coaching session, you will also get access to various training materials, such as workbooks and videos. This allows us to focus on your personal situation in detail during the coaching sessions, answer your questions and give you hints and tips on how to reach your goal even faster.

My aim is to give you the tools you need to create your own life and business and turn it into your masterpiece as quickly as possible and with the least possible effort.

How can I pay?

You can pay per bank transfer.

If you are a business located in Europe, the European Reverse Charge Procedure is possible. If you want to take advantage of it let us know in your request. Please consider that your coaching call will only be scheduled once we received your payment.

Another question?

Is there still a question we didn’t answer yet? Please send us an email to


There’s no better time
than right NOW,
to finally achieve the success
you deserve!

Start now!

1 hour VIP-Coaching

300 €

when booking
10 hours VIP Coaching Package
20% discount