Attention: All international medium sized businesses and large-scale enterprises …

You need a specialised multi-lingual and international experienced Project Manager (PM)?
And you need him fast? Then you’ve come to the right place!

I can start working for you as a Virtual PM (ad interim) from tomorrow on.

Take advantage from my know-how and book me as your


Why Do You Need A Project Manager At All?

To achieve the goals in your business, setting up and managing your internal and external projects professionally is vital.
That is widely accepted and there is not a shadow of a doubt.

Why You Need To Hire Chris As Virtual Project Manager?

Your customer expects you to nominate a certified project manager to prove that you are serious about a project and you don’t have one at hand.

You do not need a full-time project manager, but just some hours per week or month.

You need additional special knowledge?

  • Language (French – German – English)
  • Culture (Europe – South and Middle America – Arabia – China)
  • Industry (Automotive – Mass Production – Software – Internet – Defence)

You need experience?
⇒ I have more than 25 years of project management experience

You need me to appear in person?
⇒ We can mix virtual management and on-site presence (at your premises or with the customer) to optimise cost and impact.

You need a solution fast?
⇒ I can be on board in less than 1 week!

If you need a multi-lingual and international experienced Project Manager and you need him fast, then here is your solution!

How I Can Help You:

I work for you as a Project Manager for some hours per week to full time from my home office.

In case you need me at your premises or for an in-person meeting with your customer somewhere in the world I only charge a previously agreed daily rate and travel cost.

I provide you with the know-how and experience your organisation is missing with the flexibility you need. You only pay for the time you need as you need it.

Christian Sachs
Take advantage from Chris’ know-how and book him as your virtual project manager now!

Let’s see how I can help you best …

Don’t wait any longer and hire your virtual PM now!

What‘s next?

I suggest that we get on the phone or a video conference where you may ask any question you want.
And I will ask questions to better understand your company, your business and what you are all about.

I offer you 30 to 45 minutes, for free! Book it now!

Depending on your needs, I will then send you a tailor-made offer.

When Hiring Chris Sachs, This Is What You Get:

Chris Sachs - leader in minimalistic project management - helps you set up a minimalist project management system that exactly fits your needs.

Fast and simple onboarding! I can start working on your project within 1 week.

Certified PMP® Project Management Professional

25 years in international project management, one of the leading experts in minimalist project management

Working experience in 15 European countries plus UAE, China and South and Central America

Fluent in English, German and French and basic Spanish

Automotive, Mass Production, Software, Internet, Defence

And much more …

What Others Are Saying About Chris

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Here are some answers to the questions we get most frequently…

You can choose to communicate in English, German or French for all direct communication with us.
Project management is needed in all industries or branches of trade. The problems we encounter in project management are quite the same independent from the goods you produce or service you provide and the size of your company.

I have worked with small, medium sized international companies as well as large-scale enterprises.

I can quickly adapt to all situations a find the best approach for your company.
First, Chris and you will get to know each other. The objective is to find out together if and how working together makes sense and will take your project management to the next level. And for sure, you can ask any question that comes to your mind.
In case we don't know each other yet, we will schedule a video call.

Why video call?
Video call is unbeatable fast to schedule and easy to make. If you need a solution fast, then we must talk at the earliest possible date. This is feasible only by video call. Not to forget the advantage that we can see each other.

How does this work?
As soon as I got your message from the Free Initial Consultation page, I will send you an email with your invitation to a ZOOM meeting. If this is your first time joining a ZOOM meeting, you may be asked to open ZOOM client or the ZOOM installer package to join the meeting.
During this meeting we will discuss your needs and answer all your questions.

I will then send you a tailor-made offer.

As soon as you accept my offer, we can schedule the starting date.

If needed, we can schedule further ZOOM meetings with you or members of your team.
In case you need me for an in-person meeting at your site or with your customer somewhere in the world I'm ready to travel. I only charge a previously agreed daily rate and the travel costs.

Please understand that I do not travel to areas of conflict and war zones.
Is there still a question we didn't answer yet? Please send us an email to info@cactus-competence.