There is DONE or DONE NOT! — 4 Kommentare

  1. Great Article, very fruitfully…
    Would like to sign in to get more learning for sure but there are other priorities where I will need to wait for new stuff and tips like this..

  2. Interesting view you pointed out. I agree to this and I’m familiar with the impulse to click away the task ’send the E-Mail to x‘, when I just started to write it. 😉

    For me a Kanban board helps a lot, if it is used with care.

    • Hi Jens, thank you for your comment. Happy you liked it. Using a Kanban board is a great approach. I’m a big fan of it too. We use a Kanban Board (Trello) for our planning too. And for each card (task), we also add a clear definition how the outcome of the task has to look like (Definition of Done).

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