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With this, we present helpful downloads developed by ourselves and tested and approved tools we use to manage our projects and business. Have fun with them!

By the way, some of our exciting tools are also available in German or French. So don’t hesitate to download them in the language of your choice!

FREE Downloads developed by us:

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SWOT analysis template

SWOT analysis template for free downloadWho wants to win needs to know his strengths. For your project, you’ll also need to know the weaknesses and threats so that you can prevent and react in good time.

The SWOT analysis can help.

Here, you’ll find our Word template for your next SWOT analysis. Available in English, German and French.

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The Magic Project Management Triangle

Magic project management triangle - a free tool by CACTUS COMPETENCEWe have created this Magic Triangle diagram which demonstrates what happens when you need to increase scope, increase speed or reduce costs in your project. Use it for your next discussion with your client!

And next time your client asks you to do more or to do it faster at the same price, you can come up with some magic.

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Workbook – How to get your goals right in only 5 minutes (new version!)

Workbook - How to get your goals right in only 5 minutesIf you really want to reach your goals the first step is to formulate your goal in the right manner. Let our proven SMART+ Goal Setting System (now the new version!) guide you and avoid the pitfalls. At the end of these 8 easy to follow steps you will have a perfectly formulated goal.

A step by step workbook developed by CACTUS COMPETENCE

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More in English coming soon!

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Cheat Sheet – Die 5 Stufen zum perfekten Delegieren (Deutsch)

Cheat Sheet - 5 Stufen zum perfekten DelegierenEgal, ob dein Projekt die nächste Sommerfeier für die Schule, deine Firmengründung oder eines für deinen Arbeitgeber ist, nur wer richtig delegieren kann, ist als Teamleader richtig effektiv. Und Leute, die behaupten, so was wäre nicht möglich, sind nur zu faul oder zu blöde, sich damit zu beschäftigen. Mit diesem Cheat-Sheet (Spickzettel) schaffst du es bestimmt in kürzester Zeit, dass dir deine Teammitglieder richtig Arbeit abnehmen. Und dann haben deine Teammitglieder und du bestimmt richtig Spaß an dem Projekt.

Lade dir hier mein Cheat Sheet KOSTENLOS herunter!

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Die 10 Top Tipps für Projekte die Spaß machen (Deutsch)

Die 10 Top Tipps für Projekte die Spaß machenIch wurde vor kurzem von einem ehemaligen Kollegen gefragt, was meine Geheimtipps für erfolgreiche Projekte wären. So ganz spontan fielen mir eine Handvoll Tipps ein, für mehr musste ich dann ein bisschen gründlicher in mich gehen. Also habe ich ihm eine Liste zusammen gestellt. Ich bin überzeugt, dass auch dir meine Tipps helfen, deine Projekte erfolgreich zu machen.

Lade dir hier meine 10 TOP TIPPS KOSTENLOS herunter!

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Meine Vorlage für dein Stakeholder-Register (Deutsch)

Stakeholder-Register - ein kostenloser Download von CACTUS COMPETENCEDas Stakeholder-Register ist die Basis für die Verwaltung der Stakeholder. Mit unserer Vorlage geht das super einfach und übersichtlich. Und die Stakeholder-Prioritäts-Zahl bekommst du auch noch dazu.

Mach dir das Leben einfach und lade die Vorlage gleich hier herunter!

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Meine Vorlage für deine nächste SWOT-Analyse (Deutsch)

SWOT-Analyse Vorlage zum DownloadWer gewinnen will, muss seine Stärken kennen. Als Projektleiter musst du aber auch gerade die Schwächen und Risiken kennen, damit du rechtzeitig reagieren kannst. Dabei hilft eine SWOT-Analyse.

Hier findest du unsere Word-Vorlage, die du für deine nächste SWOT-Analyse benutzen kannst.

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Mon modèle pour ta prochaine analyse SWOT (Français)

Modèle analyse SWOT pour téléchargementCelui qui veut gagner aura besoin de connaître ses points forts. En tant que chef de projet tu dois surtout connaître les points faibles et les risques pour pouvoir prendre tes précautions et être capable de réagir au besoin.

Pour ceci une analyse SWOT t’aidera.

Ici, tu trouves un modèle Word que tu pourras utiliser pour ta prochaine analyse SWOT.

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Third-party tools we use to manage our projects and business:

Manage projects, tasks and creativity with Trello®

Project management with TrelloTask management, project management and optimization of creative processes and saving time, money and nerves. All this with a free but performing web-based tool I’m using myself intensely.

My affiliate link to Trello (if you connect with this link, I will get a free month of Gold membership, nothing more)

Link Trello’s help pages

If you want to know more about how we at Cactus Competence use Trello, just contact us here or in the social web!

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MailChimp® makes Marketing (nearly) automatic

MailChimp Marketing AutomationIts years now that we use this cool tool. I’m sending out my project management tips with it. Why it is so good? It’s super easy and it removes manual tasks from my to-do list. I can add a personal touch to my messages, design and schedule them as I want.

And the best: For the beginner, MailChimp is completely free of charge (it needs a certain amount of email addresses in your lists before you’ll need a paid account).

My affiliate link to MailChimp. When you subscribe with MailChimp using this link, I’ll get some so called credits perhaps one day. But only the day your free account gets too limited for your needs. This can take time. 😉

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Reliable Webhosting with Siteground

Web HostingIts now some years that our website is hosted on Siteground. Before coming to Siteground, we’ve tested other hosting providers and this is by far the best we ever had. And the less expensive, too!

What can I tell you… They are faster, safer and have the best support
(tested with real accounts on 12 of the most popular web hosts on the market).

My affiliate link to Siteground. When you subscribe with Siteground using this link, we’ll get a little bit money into our hosting account which we will use to pay our hosting bills and so allow us to continue to deliver free content for you.

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Easily schedule posts across multiple social media accounts with SocialPilot

SocialPilotWe from Cactus Competence have accounts on all social media platforms. Not because we find this is fun, well sometimes it is, but this is real work which we need to do to increase our brand awareness level and so reach more people out there and get our message across.

Before we found SocialPilot, we did this by hand. Connecting with one account, copying in the post text, logging off … Connecting with the next account … and so on and so forth.

Now, we can manage all accounts with SocialPilot, all in the same place. And we can schedule our posts in advance. A huge relief! It is surprisingly low priced and has the most extensive list of available social media platforms.

Link to SocialPilot. When you subscribe with SocialPilot using this link, we’ll get nothing from SocialPilot but your endless gratitude which you could express by sharing or commenting our posts and articles to help us spreading our great content into the social media world.